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 Shock Doctor - Mouthguard Ultra STC 2 / Black

arrow Shock Doctor - Mouthguard Ultra STC 2 / Black
Shock Doctor - Mouthguard Ultra STC 2 / Black Shock Doctor - Mouthguard Ultra STC 2 / Black Shock Doctor - Mouthguard Ultra STC 2 / Black
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Article Description
Shock Doctor's top model. The Ultra STC 2 Mouthguard by Shock Doctor combines all the top technologies for the best protection of your teeth. * The gel filling adapts perfectly to every single tooth. - For a perfect fit.

The SHOCK TRANSFER CORE (STC) directs the power away from the weak incisors, back to the stronger molars. * Additional "Air Pads" give a pleasant feeling while biting, and protect the jaw and brain. * MORA technology, ensures a correct fit of the lower jaw. This makes you less susceptible to knockouts. The Ultra STC has a very compact construction, making it easier to breathe. The mouthguard is supplied with strap. This allows you to fix the mouthguard to a helmet or similar. Ideal for sports such as ice hockey, downhill etc. The strap can be easily attached or removed.

Mouthguards are used in many sports in which deliberate or accidental impacts (blows, kicks, blows) against the face and jaw. A mouthguard can reduce the extent of injury in case of concussion. Also inline skating, skateboarding or mountain biking often lead to jaw and tooth injuries.

Mouthguard Requirements

An effective mouthguard requires:
- Covering the teeth and gums in the upper or lower jaw
- No impairment of the bite or jaw position
- No effect on athletic performance
- No impairment of breathing and speaking
- High strength and durability
- Easy to clean
- Possibility of adjusting to mixed dentition and fixed orthodontic appliances


Shock Doctor

Shock Doctor has evolved from a leading supplier to the world's largest pioneer of sports protective equipment in the field of mouthguards. Shock Doctor combines design and technology for better protection and first-class performance. Shock Doctor is the undisputed leader in mouthguard technology and is considered one of the most innovative companies around the globe in this field.

The vision of Shock Doctor is to combine cool design and technology to achieve better protection. Countless athletes, amateurs and professionals from various sports, place their trust in Shock Doctor products and use them for workouts and competitions.

In addition to classic mouthguards for athletes in assorted varieties, the company also offers a wide range of useful products for other sports. Because no matter whether you play hockey, football, basketball, boxing, swimming, lacrosse or motorsport "Shock Doctor" products are every sport enthusiast's solution.

Shock Doctor is hardcore protection. True to their motto: "There's a moment in sport when forces meet. This moment is our Defining Moment." The guys from the USA develop stylish protective gear for hard sports like football, motocross and even martial arts. Whether Mouthguards, Groin Guards or the extremely popular Compression Shorts, a product from Shock Doctor is good for your body, offering protection when the going gets tough.
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